Video Storytelling for Non-Profits

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Capture the Heart of Your Audience

Video storytelling is an effective way for non-profits to get their message out with impact. If you’re a non-profit the people you are trying to reach need to see the emotions behind your cause. A positive and effective way to do that is to tell your story through the people that have been helped by your cause.

Evoke Emotion

Action only comes when we are moved by something. At Pixelbox our goal at times is to make our audience cry, laugh, or get roused around a subject. Video storytelling for non-profits should have power that resonates with its audience and gives them a reason to get involved, donate, or write to their local politician. For someone to choose your mission they have to connect to it. The power to connect only comes when we evoke emotion.

Inform with Clarity

Creating a compelling story involves clearly expressing the problem, struggle, situation in a way that doesn’t cloud your mission. Clarity in today’s YouTube generated world means telling your story in as clear a way as possible in the shortest time possible. If your video is too long and doesn’t capture the emotion of the audience in a clear way, they may never get to the punch line at the end. Pixelbox strives to tell the story with as few words as possible to not overwhelm the audience with information they’ll never digest.

Shape Your Identity

Your audience can only see what you show them. If you aren’t showing them anything, how are they shaping their opinions? Your non-profit identity can be fully shaped by perfecting the stories that are told about your cause, your key thought leaders, and your successes. Video storytelling offers the most dynamic way to forge that identity and create a culture of belonging that totally buys into your mission.

Be Authentic and Relevant

There is one thing that audiences can smell from a mile away, fabricated storylines. To be authentic and relevant to your audience, you have to get down to raw humanity. Surface level stories will get you surface level reactions. Diving deep into a topic means unraveling the harsh but usually simple truths around the issues that your non-profit is trying to rise above. Pixelbox has producers that are dedicated to digging down below the surface. Through cinematic imagery we can bring your mission to life through the lives of those people you have helped.

For more information of how Pixelbox can help your non-profit build an arsenal of stories that support your mission, contact Matt Nies at 262-432-0294 or email at

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