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Why Should You Hire A Video Producer?

Or in other words, why should you hire me – a video producer with over 25 years of experience? Similar to another blog I wrote about DIY Video vs. Professional Video Production, there is good reason to hire a professional when homemade is not good enough. I have produced thousands of videos since starting in the industry years ago. I began shooting, editing and creating graphics back when MTV was getting its footing in our culture. In fact, that whole handheld, erratic style of documentary shooting and editing started with my generation. It’s interesting to see the style come back as if it’s new again. Although with the advent of vlogging superstars like Casey Neistat, the styles of today have taken that MTV handheld style to a whole new level. The tools are readily accessible to anyone, but not everyone has the knowledge to create a professional video. Most projects are not served well by the DIY mentality. There’s a good reason to use a pro.

Know Your Audience

As a video producer, my job is to first know the audience, and then produce and distribute that video in the medium that best suits that audience. You wouldn’t serve steak to a vegan. You also wouldn’t send a video your 12-year-old nephew produced on his iPhone to your biggest client.

Bare Essential Impact

Most video today is not a novel. The medium itself requires a reduction of content into a concise message. To produce videos in this age of hyper speed information delivery, you have to strive to create an impact in the least number of seconds possible. Do you lose your audience in 10 seconds or do you keep them interested long enough to stay tuned in until the end? That kind of extreme reductionism requires an orchestrated effort from the start of production to the final distribution of the video.

Managing the Production

A producer procures everything needed to create a professional video. We hire talent, scriptwriters, directors of photography, gaffers (lighting experts), grips (on-set assistants), stylists, language translators, and many others. It takes a pool of talent to produce high quality videos that have that bare essential impact discussed earlier. It is my job to pull the right team together specific to each project.

The Medium Shapes the Message

Your message is not only shaped by the content. It is shaped by the medium for which it is created. Today’s mediums are YouTube, broadcast TV, point-of-purchase video, 360 video, and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And, there are many more delivery vehicles for your videos. It goes back to our first point, know your audience. Today’s mediums have very differing audiences. Shaping the message for each specific medium is more important today than ever before. As a producer I guide my clients to best practices for each medium or outlet. For more information on how I can help you take your branding or messaging to the next level with professional video production, email or call us at or  262-432-0294.

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