Three Essential Skills for Corporate Animation Videos

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Starting An Animation Video Requires the right skills

When you’re faced with transforming a basic presentation into one that is eye catching and engaging, look for these three traits found in successful, Milwaukee animation graphic production studios. Companies need three essential skills in hiring a firm to produce corporate animation videos. The three key skills are:

1. Creativity. When a company has a great idea for a corporate video, they want to work with a company who is creative and professional to implement it. Pixelbox is a breath of fresh air for creative ideas. Their team listens carefully to their clients, brainstorm ideas, and expand the possibilities of the concept to make a compelling video with great 2D or 3D animation.

2. Timing. Every customer has a timeline, but does the animation studio feel the same level of urgency. This question frequently arises when an animation studio doesn’t proactively seek to understand the key timeline. Pixelbox plans its work around each customer’s project and timeline. They work to ensure the timeline has room for both the client review and approval, but also enough time to complete the presentation animation.

3. Experience. While there is a time and a place to hire a first year graphic animator or a video intern, most customer presentations require the expertise and talented techniques of a full time video animator. With over 20 years of business, video and animation experience, Pixelbox knows and implements all the latest animation techniques and continues to enhance their skills.

Watch An Interview with Pixelbox’s Corporate Animation Team

Click below to watch the Pixelbox team interview.

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