How to Create Your Own TV Spots Easily and Affordably

Streamline Your TV Production Costs

As a business that has worked with many small businesses, Pixelbox understands that not everyone can afford a full scale TV spot production. Wouldn’t we all love a big Hollywood kind of budget? Wouldn’t you like to get your message out, sell your product, or make people aware of your services without breaking the bank?

What if you could streamline your TV spot production costs and deliver them more often and more affordably on broadcast, cable, OTT, and YouTube pre-roll?

Pixelbox knows your struggle to get on-air in a timely and consistent way, so we came up with a solution.

SpotDirect Puts Creating TV Spots in Your Hands

Over the past year, we have developed a new product called SpotDirect to streamline an easier, more affordable way for small to medium retail businesses to create quality TV spots without breaking your monthly budget.

Generally, a small to medium sized retailer or company can only afford one commercial per quarter. But if you’re in retail, your deals, specials, and products rotate on a weekly basis. How are you supposed to keep your TV spots up to date with your store offerings in such a timely way and within budget?

That’s where SpotDirect comes in. SpotDirect puts the creation of TV spots in your hands at a fraction of the cost. We take your branding and build dynamic motion-graphic templates. Then, you can go in and create as many spots as you you like. Hit render and in 15 minutes your spot will be complete and ready to distribute onto whatever channel you like.

SpotDirect’s Advantages:

  • SpotDirect puts the control of creating TV spots in your hands utilizing dynamic motion graphic spot templates
  • Create it once, use it as many times as you want
  • Distribute it wherever you want – broadcast, cable, OTT, YouTube pre-rolls, digital
  • Offers agility, responsiveness to weather, pricing, and product availability
  • Includes StoryBlocks stock footage library
  • Future upgrades will allow users to schedule renders and distribution, so they can, in one sitting, create a quarter’s or year’s worth of spots and the system manages the rest.

You could literally create a new spot every 15 minutes! Not that you would necessarily want to, but it provides a seamless way for you to be agile in terms of your spot production. SpotDirect is not limited to Price & Item only spots. Additional templates could be created that are on-brand only.

With SpotDirect you are in full control over your branded marketing and sales content!

Reach out to us at or call at 262.432.0294 to learn more about SpotDirect.

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