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You Can Afford An Animated Video

At Pixelbox, we have the ability to create animated videos in any style to fit a range of budgets and a range of needs. Typically, we can create an animated video for between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the length and complexity. Contact Matt Nies at 262-432-0294 or info@pixelbox.tv for specific pricing of different animation projects.

Here Are Some Examples Of In-House Animation Productions We’ve Done:

Animated Infographic

Any video production will be enhanced by adding motion to the visual content that is onscreen. This can be the most affordable kind of animation if many of your assets are already created or you are just animating text.

Animation / Live Action Combined

Creating animated videos that use live action, add a whole new dynamic to a promotional or informational video. With the right planning and using green screen chromakey techniques, a boring presentation can be brought to life.

Puppet-Style Animation

For tighter budgets, limited animation is a more viable option. This type of animation saves time by separating characters and objects into layers and then re-using as many assets as possible.

3D Technical Animation

3D animation is well suited for demonstrating whatever concept or product you are promoting. If you already have a CAD model, we can use that and save the cost of modeling it ourselves.

Animation is a great way to tell a story, whether it’s a character driven narrative or an explainer video illustrating a product or concept. For more information on how we can help animate your next project contact Pixelbox.

Contact us at 262-432-0294 or info@pixelbox.tv for specific pricing of different animation projects.

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