Demo Reel 2023

Studio Demo

For this spec piece video it was our goal to show the various facets of PB Studio in a unique and interesting way. By using PB Studio’s powered ceiling grid we were able to implement various lighting techniques to achieve several different looks. Shoot us an email at to see how the studio could be apart of your next project!

Midwest Medical

Many companies today are having issues recruiting new employees. Midwest Medical Transport Services hire Pixelbox to create an exciting, fast-paced video to help recruit new EMT’s. In addition to this video, a pre-roll ad campaign is currently running to funnel new recruits to their website.


Podcasting has become a billion dollar industry. While most podcasts are for public consumption, FieldCast serves corporate clients with a solution for getting their messaging out to their key internal audiences. Pixelbox created this character animation to promote this awesome corporate podcast solution.

Milwaukee Christian Center

We believe in people being given opportunity and that’s just what the amazing people at the Milwaukee Christian Center are doing for young people through their fantastic YouthBuild program! We love working with and telling the story of people like the Milwaukee Christian Center who are making a tremendous impact in their community. 

Reimer Roofing

We value quality work and that is exactly what Reimer Roofing brings to all their home improvement projects. This advertisement piece provided some unique challenges with filming the completion of a roof project. With limited time to film, Pixelbox brought a cinematic feel to the difficult process and fast-completion time of a new roof install.

spx flow

Working with one of our partner companies Media Dynamics, Pixelbox has the ability to create highly technical 3D animations. 3D animation is a great way to help audiences understand complex processes. Our on-staff animators create everything from simple 2D animations to complex 3D animations using extremely beefed up computers for viewing and rendering.

Western Technical College

This TV spot utilized some unique compositing and mime-like acting from our talent. The goal of the spot was to capture prospective students attentions in an interesting and compelling way! Pixelbox loves doing unique conceptual advertising. While this is done using green-screen keying, it also required a green screen body suit to make this happen.

Theisen's Spring TV SPot

For many retailers, spring is BIG BUSINESS! This concept spot used the tag line “It All Starts Here”. Pixelbox came up with an eye-catching way to put the focus on everything you need for your home spring projects. Shot at high frame rates, all the shots run in reverse to push the concept of “It All Starts Here”. Although “box” is in our name, Pixelbox likes to think “outside the box”. As a video agency, that’s what we did on this TV commercial.

Nami: Ending the silence

Teen suicide is a serious problem. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, has created a program in high schools to open up the conversation around mental health at this crucial time in a persons life. Pixelbox used an interviewing method called “eye-direct”. With the use of a mirror system, all the interviews with students, teachers and counselors were shot using this method to bring a more personal and engaging message.