Music Stimulates Brain Recall

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By Terry Sweet

Music reaches parts of the brain that cannot be reached via any other route.  It magically locates the intersections of learning and emotion, psychology and memory.  When you combine those…you have an extraordinarily powerful tool.  A jingle bridges the left brain and the right brain.

I’ll bet that there are certain songs that immediately take you on a trip…transporting you to another place or time when you hear them.  Maybe a few notes of some song makes you happy or makes you sad.  Maybe one takes you back to your high school prom.  We all have such memories associated with music.

How many people learned the alphabet by singing the letters to the tune of, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?”  That’s a perfect example of information being tied to a melody.  It educates by making information easy to understand and easy to remember.  That makes music the perfect teaching tool.

So, we know that music is connected to our memories.  Now, we just have to tie the company’s desired information to a song and play it enough to become part of the consumer’s memory.

That’s what a jingle is.  Information tied to melody!  Easy for the brain to recall on demand.


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