Music Composition: Capturing Your Audience

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Capture the Heart of Your Customers

Whether you watched the original Star Wars movie in the theater or have seen it again new this last December, John Williams musical score instantly connects the listener with a faraway place in a distant galaxy in Star Wars.

The same way a great movie sound track connects with audiences, custom musical scores can transport the listeners through time.

Like when you hear the first few notes of a certain song, you’re instantly taken back in time to your high school prom – or the way another song makes you re-live another favorite memory. When you establish your own company song – and your audience gets to know your song – all they’ll need to hear are the first few notes, and they’ll be taken to a mental picture of your product or company. It’s psychology.

People remember information that is tied to a melody. Most people learned the ABC’s by singing the letter names to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That is information tied to melody. It works.

Pixelbox uses the power of music to connect with its clients’ audiences though the talent of musical composer Terry Sweet. “Having a composer like Sweet who works specifically with us helps us create the perfect atmosphere to surround your footage.  Working with Sweet gives your video a unique and customized soundtrack to more clearly instill the idea being presented” says Matt Nies.

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Christmas 60

Terry works alongside Pixelbox and its clients to shape the message and create a memorable earworm that resonates with audiences. Here are TV spots produced with jingles written with Colder’s and music composition created and produced in Nashville by Terry.

Get Comfy 30

Listen Up 30

Terry has over 30 years’ experience composing and performing music. He creates both the lyrics and musical sound tracks and our professional audio engineer finishes the original score integrated into your video, commercial, or presentation. Let’s start a conversation about your video or animation project that we can set to music to connect deeply with your audience.

Double Back

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to make a memorable video with an engaging sound track that connects with your customers? Contact Matt Nies at (262) 432-0294 or forward this email along to someone who you believe would enjoy working with Pixelbox.

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