Marketing Through a Pandemic

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As the world revolving around COVID-19 is changing daily, your business’s marketing strategy has to change with it. Whether your business is still operating normally or if you’ve had to make adjustments to your operation or even close your business completely, this COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all.

With the pandemic being the number one topic in the news right now, businesses need to adjust their messaging accordingly. You don’t want to be seen as insensitive to the pandemic. And most likely, your normal ads don’t apply to the current conditions of the market.

While creating new advertising materials is probably the last thing on your mind as you are dealing with the possible shutdown of your business, this is exactly the time that you need to think about it. How is your business being affected by this pandemic? But more importantly, how are your consumers being affected? And how can you and your business help them through this tough and scary time? Even if all you do is remind them that you are here, you are affected too, and you will stick with them. People need hope right now; people need something to make them smile.

It’s simple, not super produced, and it references the current pandemic in a tasteful way. This is the type of advertising that more businesses and companies will be turning to through the next weeks and (hopefully not!) months. Encouraging, time-sensitive, and easy to remember.

As a video and animation production company, we want to lead by example. So here’s our new, COVID-19 – inspired marketing:. We are here, our business is being affected by this pandemic as well, and we want to do what we can to help you and your business through this. Thankfully, a lot of what we can do for you can be done without the need for human contact.

As you are figuring out your new, changing-daily content, remember that creating or recreating a commercial can be a quick turn-around. By using voiceovers, stock footage, previously shot footage, and graphics, we can create commercials remotely. We want to help keep your business’s messaging up to date in a world that is changing daily.

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