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Watch Corn Grow In Virtual Reality

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board hired Morgan Myers to develop a year-long social media campaign to promote the importance of corn in our economy. The goal was to showcase how farmers are experts in preparing, nurturing, and growing corn throughout Illinois. Farmers are using high-end technology to precisely plant, feed and apply fertilizer.

Morgan Myers selected Pixelbox Visual Design to create four 360 degree videos showcasing how modern farming is done Illinois. Based on Pixelbox’s extensive video production expertise, Matt Nies carefully evaluated 360 degree video equipment that enables high-end production with integrated graphic designs.


Pixelbox traveled to Illinois throughout the year to take 360 degree videos of each stage of the corn growing process. Take a look at the first video:

Three Ways To Use 360 Degree Videos

Companies who rely on visual presentations of their products and services are great candidates for using 360 degree videos to immerse your customers or prospects into a virtual reality experience. Here are some practical uses for 360 degree videos:

  • Promotions. As with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, not everyone can see first-hand how farmers use technology to grow corn. The series of four 360 degree videos allow the viewer to experience the farmers world digitally.

  • Trade Shows. Dramatically grab the attention of visitors to your trade show display. Consider providing an industrial tour of your facility through a 360 degree video or showcase how your product is used in the real world.

  • Training. Provide a virtual training experiences for employees or customers to learn how to interact and walk around your product in a 360 degree video experience. Pixelbox can integrate graphics and talking points within a 360 degree video.

Ready To Start A 360 Degree Video?

Pixelbox uses its 360 degree rig with multiple cameras to acquire footage that will go into a 4k quality virtual reality experience. Pixelbox’s expertise allows for the integration of 2D or 3D graphics into the 360 degree video ensuring a professional viewing experience. We are ready to help you produce your first 360 degree video.

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