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Corporate Video Supports Rebranding Effort

Runzheimer hired Pixelbox to develop a professional corporate video side to enhance their revitalized brand. Runzheimer had been using online video tools to create their videos, but decided they needed to take their video design and production to the next level to match the look of their new online branding strategy. Click to see their latest videos:


Defining a Corporate Video Vision

Pixelbox met with Runzheimer face-to-face to get to know their business and understand the branding requirements. The Runzheimer marketing team came to Pixelbox Visual Design to develop a vision and direction for a series of infographic videos. In a relaxed, informal setting Runzheimer was able to brainstorm ideas and lay out their plans so that Pixelbox could craft the final video production vision.

On to the Corporate Video Production

Working alongside Runzheimer’s creative staff, Pixelbox is creating videos that educate and promote their mileage reporting mobile application and systems. By incorporating 3D animation mixed with 2D motion graphics, each video has a polished, consistently branded national look and feel that integrates with the company’s overall brand image. Runzheimer is just one of the many clients Pixelbox works with to produce professional corporate videos. See our corporate demo reel here:

What’s Your Corporate Video Need?

Creating great corporate videos and animation takes preplanning, excellent communication and proven skills. Pixelbox has the right video tools and knows how to use them to create the perfect effect whether seen on a TV, computer, mobile device or big screen. Pixelbox utilizes high end video production, post production and animation tools to take your message to the next level to create awareness and have a lasting impression on your audience.

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