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Corporate Videos To Revitalize Look

When rebranding your company, all of your brand materials need to be updated to match. Working with a production company to develop a few professional corporate videos is a good way to revitalize your company’s look.

Videos Support Rebranding Effort

When deciding to rebrand their company, Wisconsin-based company, Runzheimer, looked to Pixelbox to develop their new videos. Previously, they had used online video tools to create their videos. However, with the new branding they decided to take their video production to a production studio to match the look of their new online branding strategy.

Defining A Vision

Before we started on Runzheimer’s videos, the first thing we did was meet with their marketing team to determine what exactly it was that they needed. Once we had a good understanding of their business and new branding strategy, we worked with Runzheimer’s team to develop a vision and direction for a series of infographic videos.

By incorporating 3D animation mixed with 2D motion graphics, each video has a polished, consistently branded look that integrates with the company’s overall brand.

What’s Your Corporate Video Need?

Video has many uses for your business. Contact us at Pixelbox to learn more about how your company can be helped by a corporate video.

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