A Milwaukee Video Production Company And The Dog Flu

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Dogs can get the flu.

Yes, canine influenza is a real problem. Last spring, an outbreak in Chicago created a huge problem for pet owners, veterinarians, and animal emergency care centers. They were inundated with a strain of the dog flu that was new to North America – Canine Influenza Virus H3N2.

To raise awareness of the outbreaks and emphasize the importance of vaccination for the dog flu, a global animal health company hired local communications agency, MorganMyers, who retained Pixelbox to create five promotional videos. The project goal was to educate the national veterinary community by showcasing how the Chicago veterinary community responded to the outbreak.

Our production team went to Chicago and filmed everyday people enjoying their dogs. It’s not often we get to film man’s best friend! We interviewed vets, scientists, pet owners, and key thought leaders on the subject.

The film crew used an Osmo hand-held camera which has its own stabilization gimbal to capture extremely smooth handheld shots. We used the light-weight, high-quality 4k camera to avoid lugging around lots of equipment through the streets of Chicago. Because of the lack of extra gear, our team was able to literally run with the dogs!

During post-production, Pixelbox combined traditional video footage, the Osmo video shots, and motion graphic intros and outros to create a high-impact series of videos. MorganMyers vetted the videos, and then the global animal health company approved them without changes!

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