8 Steps to Creating Great Videos

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Each client is unique in product and service, but all clients have the same need to be seen and heard.  How we are seen and heard is important.  A bad video is like showing up to an interview in a ripped t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.  You get the picture.  Put your best foot forward and create sales by putting on your Sunday best.  Create a video that attracts, not detracts from your unique selling proposition.

There are 8 easy steps that guide us through the video production process to create video that attracts your intended audience.  We have done the process below thousands of times and have produced media that excites, entertains and gets people, products and services noticed above the shaky-cam media junkyard. Get my drift?  The medium, the
message, how you create and deliver that message matters.
Here are the steps:
Step 1:  Discovery – Get to Know Your Business
We strive to learn everything we can about what you do and the product or service you offer. In this step, you get to look in the mirror and put forth your best image. Knowing your brand, product, service and customer-base will help us to shape your message.
Step 2:  Treatment – Create a Vision
Once we know you and your customer we can shape your message. It’s simple, we sit down and brainstorm your sales proposition and the form and style that your message will take to support it.  Steps 1 and 2 help us to define your target audience.  There are also many stylistic directions we can take to get that message heard. Here are some stylistic descriptors to help:  informative, hard sell, soft sell, humorous, technical, instructive, edgy, emotional and so on.
Step 3:  Script – Forge the Road Map
If we have learned your business and come together on a treatment, then writing a script comes easy. Writing for video is much more like the spoken word than writing for print. A video script not only puts forth the narrative but also defines what is seen to support the message. The script is our road map and blueprint for production and post production. You get all the say on what is heard and seen.
Step 4:  Pre-Production – Make Plans
With our blueprint/script in hand we can plan all the logistics of your production. The script is approved at this point so we can create a shot/graphic needs list, do location scouts, do talent and music searches, secure props and define all the needs of the production.
Step 5:  Production – Capture and Create Images
Now we are ready to “shoot the engineers and start production”.  So true is that old adage.  With script and shot-list in hand we can begin shooting video, creating motion graphics both 2D and 3D, recording voice-over talent and creating all the elements needed to hone the message. Our staff of Producers, Videographers, Lighters, Grips, Audio Engineers, Animators and Stylists will work with you in studio and on-location to capture all the footage and create all the graphics needed.
Step 6: Post-Production – Composite Final Program
With all the elements readied, we can composite all the footage, graphics and audio into your final piece. You will work with an editor, graphic animator and audio engineer to mold all the elements together into a well-crafted video.
Step 7:  Approval – Give the Thumbs-up!
This step is where you review the final video and provide feedback. This is your final rubber stamp on the project.
Step 8:  Distribution – Get Your Message Out
There are many channels and formats to distribute your video. We’ll help you put your video online (on your website, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.). We handle all Broadcast formats for television and radio.  We can create DVDs, Blurays and movie files in many different sizes and compression schemes for whatever the use.  We will work with your IT personnel to ensure that your message gets out.
At Pixelbox we have been creating media gets noticed for years. Helping to set businesses apart from their competition.  Let us help you get your company, product or service noticed.
Your competition may settle for the boss’ nephew shooting shaky out-of-focus video, using clip art graphics and audio that sounds like it was recorded through a tin can. But, you should not. We strive to give you the best possible image within the framework of each project. We create media that excites and entertains your intended target audience. We work with advertising and marketing companies, corporations, small businesses, documentary producers, independent producers and hopefully you.
Let Pixelbox Visual Design help you through all the steps of your next video to get your branding, products and services noticed!

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Pedro Dyeva says:

For example, let’s say you’re a new company who wants to create an intro video for the homepage hero on your site; the goal of the video is to introduce the brand and get people to sign up.
And Happy New Year!

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