Your 2024 RNC Resource

Pixelbox Visual Design, located in Milwaukee, offers tailored video production services to enhance the Republican National Convention experience. From captivating live event coverage to compelling promotional videos, voice overs and animations, our team ensures messages resonate with attendees. With our expertise and cutting-edge studio, we elevate the convention experience, leaving a lasting impact on all participants.

Video Suites

Explore our five edit suites, each equipped with cutting-edge technology for seamless video editing and post-production. These creative hubs offer industry-standard software and hardware, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project. Whether crafting cinematic masterpieces or refining corporate videos, our edit suites are designed to elevate your editing experience.

Audio suite

A fully equipped audio suite for recording voiceovers and vocals. Featuring a completely soundproofed audio booth, this audio suite provides the perfect solution for your audio production needs. 

Studio Package

A Production Studio for all your creative needs. A 5000 sq. ft space with 20 ft ceilings. Rental includes: Cyc wall, audio suite, full array of lighting equipment, kitchenette, conference room, and more. Lighting equipment package includes the following: 

1x Aputure 1200d, 1x Aputure 600x, 2x Aputure 300c LED Panels, 2x 2ft Amaran LED Tube, 2x 4ft Amaran LED Tube

Cyc Wall

A spacious 30′ by 30′ three wall cyc, the perfect environment for a variety of creative projects. Soundproofed ceiling with a mountable grid system with individual section power control. Rental includes cyc wall, access to our powered ceiling grid, and lounge space at PB Studios.

open environment

PB Studio is a versatile space for letting your creativity soar! With an open environment design, you’ll find yourself surrounded by high ceilings and a truly inspiring atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to sit down and map out a new project, or just need a quiet space to explore your artistic passions, our studio has everything you need to make it happen.