“Where’s The Beef?” – Producing Memorable TV Commercials

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Every national or local retailer desires to have a memorable TV commercial or ad that people will remember. Who can forget the iconic television ads produced by Wendy’s in 1984 called “Where’s the Beef?” What’s more, those memorable ads led the start of a business turn-around, which led to 16 years of consecutive business growth. Wow!

Melvin… Melvin…. Melvin?

One of the best ways to catch the eye of consumers is to design and produce funny commercials. Pixelbox developed a memorable TV ad for Melvin Mulch to promote their seasonal landscape company. Pixelbox took and ran with their ideas and developed an ad that showcases a home owner calling for Melvin to mulch her beds. The Pixelbox team worked with the client to develop their creative concepts, storyboards, scripts, and wardrobe. They collaborated with a talent agency to hire an actress to complete the commercial. Take a moment and enjoy the TV ad:

A Local, Full Service TV Production Team

Pixelbox Visual Design is a Milwaukee based production company that directs and produces television commercials for retailers, both local and throughout the Midwest. Pixelbox is creative and easy to work with, as well as a one-stop-shop for all things video. Local retailers choose Pixelbox because they get the full-suite of creative, art, music, production, and post-production services all under one roof.

Start Planning Your Next TV Commercial With Us

Pixelbox loves to have fun and more importantly, we are passionate about producing memorable TV commercials for retailers. Whether you’re looking for a weekly TV ad or a seasonal product, reach out to info@pixelbox.tv or 262.432.0294

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