The SIMPLE Video Marketing Plan For Small Businesses

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The SIMPLE Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for a simple marketing plan that includes video the a centerpiece to your business, there’s any easy and effective strategy to reach your target audience and develop new business.

Here are two examples of businesses using video to tell their story to specific audiences:


Tell your story through the engaging, authentic, and relevant power of video storytelling.


In addition to video, tell your story through the power of a blog. The idea here is to create pertinent information that aligns with what your readers are looking for. More importantly, your blog should be match up with the questions that your prospective clients and customers are asking.


Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics are just two tools that allow you to monitor the companies that are visiting your website. All your efforts in creating a video, blog, email blast, and paid advertising funnel prospects to your site. Now, you have a way to see which companies are visiting.


From your longer video, create a short video to tease and point prospects to your website.


Once you see a company come through while monitoring your website, linking to the right person is important. Finding the right person to talk to takes a little investigative research. LinkedIn is a great resource to find the right people. Then it’s a matter of transparently contacting them and answering any questions your prospects may have. You’ve turned a “cold call” into a “lukewarm” call, and now you know you’re reaching out to people who already have interest.


Email blasts should point to your BLOG on your website and your VIDEO STORY on your website and YouTube. Hey, did you know, YouTube is only second to Google in terms of a search engine?!

Here’s a SIMPLE diagram that highlights the plan


 It’s really that SIMPLE! If you have any questions or want to start a conversation about your next steps in developing your businesses video marketing plan, reach out at 262-432-0294 or

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