Pixelbox: The Cure For A Boring Presentation

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Sadly, most business people have sat through a boring presentation where “words blend into more words”. If you look around during the meeting, likely you’ll see people doodling, yawning, or even sleeping. Pixelbox works with businesses to create energizing, creative and active presentations through animated infographic videos and 2D/3D animated videos.

Pixelbox brings video, sound, images, and movement to content-rich presentations that are heavy on data and facts. An effective technique for engaging audiences is to create a storyline infographic. Pixelbox works with its clients to develop a narrative, creative imagery, and a sound track to convey critical topics. Here’s an example:

In their most basic form, 2D and 3D animated videos create a compelling interest by dynamically animating text, stills, and footage into an integrated video. For businesses, Pixelbox combines the the disciplines of video production, animation, and graphic design to create short presentations that have a big impact. The graphics create a sense of movement and interest for the audience. Here’s an example:

Businesses who want to grab and hold their audience’s attention use Pixelbox’s animated infographic videos or 2D/3D animated videos for sales presentations, business updates, and educational seminars. Contact Matt today to help you with your company’s next presentation. Call or email at info@pixelbox.tv or 262.432.0294

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