Online Video Marketing Needs Production Value

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Online video marketing is poised to explode. No, it’s already exploded. Your company’s image can be on the line in terms of how you present yourself amongst all the other competition.

It is an epic tale of two guys, a van, sliced ham, bread and a load of video production gear. Pixelbox drove from Wisconsin to Georgia to keep our clients budget in check and solidify our willingness to go the extra mile for them. Literally speaking, we went 1,600 extra paved miles.

We drove to Atlanta to save our client money, but not at the expense of shooting, editing and finishing a video that has good production value. A video that has more impact than the boss’ nephew shooting with a consumer camera and editing a piece together in his bedroom. I am not prejudiced against nephews. I like all of mine. And there are a few out there who are really talented in the video arena. But, by far, most of what has become acceptable media today shouldn’t ever grace a YouTube screen.

Here’s the skinny. We can find ways to save on a production – like our road trip instead of flying. While the road trip saved money, it did not affect the quality and value of the actual production work. You can save in some areas, but cutting corners on production quality should not be one of them. Our clients know this, and that’s why they like working with us. So whoever you are working with to create your online video marketing, make sure you are getting good production quality and value. Stand out from your competition!

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