Make a Bigger Impact by Making a Genuine Connection with your Audience

In video storytelling, it’s imperative that the audience finds a connection with the people being interviewed. Most storytelling interviews are done with the subject looking off-camera. Intuitively we know the person is talking to an interviewer, making the content real and more relevant to the audience. What if you could create that same feel with your subject answering directly into the camera lens? One way to do that is with a technique that employs a mirror system called EYEDIRECT.

When the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) wanted to create a compelling story to promote their “Ending the Silence” program, we decided to use the EYEDIRECT system so the subject would be answering the interview questions directly to the camera.

The EYEDIRECT mirror system is designed for the subject to have direct eye contact with the interviewer and with the camera lens at the same time. The subject sees the interviewer through a two-way mirror system that allows for the subject to maintain direct eye contact with the camera.  This creates a more direct connection with the audience.

All the teachers, students, and presenters in the video were interviewed using the EYEDIRECT system. By using this interview technique we were able to get authentic answers with the feel of the subject talking directly to the person watching the video rather than to the interviewer, allowing for a more emotional response.

All this, along with adding lyrical music to tell the story surrounding mental illness at the high school level, was produced to effectively present the problem, make people aware of the program, and move people to get involved.

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