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Let’s face it, 2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. The onset of COVID-19 has affected everything from how we interact in our communities, to how we interact at work.

Now, nearly a year later, things have yet to get completely back to normal and businesses have had to adapt in order to keep moving forward. This has had a substantial effect on annual conferences, trade shows, and large meetings.

Like the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Here at Pixelbox, we have shifted our focus and adapted to a new way of doing things. Because of social distancing, a large proportion of employees are now working remote.

Everyone has gotten really used to conducting business with online video conference platforms like Zoom. At Pixelbox, we use that same concept on a larger scale to recreate your formerly in-person conferences, trade shows, and large meetings as LIVE Virtual Events!

Our biggest LIVE Virtual Event this year was back in November for STAFDA. Check out this LIVE Virtual Event Case Study!

Whether you are hosting everything LIVE or a hybrid of both LIVE and pre-recorded, Pixelbox can scale to make sure your event is a complete success!

Even though it’s different way of doing things, there are some silver linings. Virtual events can be less expensive – no renting out conference centers and hotel blocks. There is also minimal or no need for travel, except for possibly your presenters to our studio.

Of course, actual live events are not gone for good, just for now. And for future events, the way that we put your virtual live events together will pair nicely with an in-person event once that option becomes available again.

Until then, Pixelbox will partner with you to keep your business moving forward. Be sure to reach out to the Pixelbox team to start planning your next LIVE virtual event. We can be reached at 262.432.0294 or

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