Pixelbox is a Video Agency creating visual content to elevate brands "OUTSIDE THE BOX"

Taking Brands outside the box

At Pixelbox we take great pride in creating videos that don’t only communicate but also inspire, videos that stand out amongst all the noise in life. We believe that your videos don’t have to be merely adverts, but also beautiful pieces of art. We desire to elevate your brand visually by thinking and creating outside the box. We work with advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, documentary producers, independent producers, retailers and hopefully you, to create in-depth visual communications that get noticed.

from IDea to Completion

We provide services for every step of the creative process, from initial creative direction, to full scale production crews, to complete post-production work. We use cinema level cameras with exceptional lensing and equipment to ensure the highest of quality. We provide crew sizes from 2 person crews to larger than 20. Our diversified team bring a wide range of expertise to each project enabling us to create stunning pieces that speak to your audience.

Animation Expertise

Pixelbox’s team of skilled animators specialize in 2D cell animation, 2D motion graphics, and 3D promotional & technical animation. We work closely with our clients to develop custom animation solutions that suit their specific needs, whether it be animated infographics or full character animation, our animations can promote, train, inform, and captivate your audience. Whatever your animation needs may be, Pixelbox has the skills and experience to deliver stunning, high-quality content that will elevate your brand’s image and make a lasting impact.

"Our passion is taking your stories and ideas and turning them into something Visually memorable"


Based out of Milwaukee, WI 

Matt Nies


Nicole Niblack

Operations Manager

Sam Drake

Lead Animator

Malachi Minks


Sandy Nies

Finance Director