3D Animation – Beyond Movies To Business Video Production

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3D Animation: Reaches Beyond Movies Into Today’s Products And Services

Do you remember watching Disney Pixar’s Toy Story for the first time and being wowed by how the characters seemed to jump off the screen? Or what about the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Or Shrek? So did cinematographers and animators alike. Animation has transformed over time from 2D (hand-drawn by illustrators since the 1800s) to 3D (fully computer-generated) in fairly recent time, but this animation style is not just for movies. 3D animation is now more accessible to everyone for catching the eye of customers and consumers.

Why 3D Animation For Your Business?

Grabs Attention

3D animation is so life-like that it looks like it’s jumping off the page. It really draws the viewer into what you are presenting whether it be a product or service. This is great for standing out from the competition and keeping your customer’s attention for a longer period of time.

Great For Non-Visual People

Do you have a product or service that takes a while to explain to your customer? 3D animation can eliminate the guesswork and the added time to describe what you have to offer. Simply put, animation is 3D in nature. In other words, it pops out and show angles, textures and lighting. It fills in the questions left in the customers’ minds.

Shows What The Camera Cannot

Unlike flat animation, 3D animation can be turned 360 degrees, inside out or even upside down. This allows you to showcase product features from several different angles in a single video or presentation. You can cover many characteristics all at one time.

Engages Audiences

Since 3D animation is so life-like, your audience will feel like they are actually interacting with your presentation, product or service.

Communicates Quickly And Concisely

If you have a complex subject matter whether it be a presentation or multi-layered product model, 3D animation allows you to give important content, easily explain and present your topic in less time.

Let’s Get Started

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