Opening its doors in 2003, Pixelbox Visual Design offers high quality video production, audio production and animation to clients throughout Milwaukee and the Midwest. Co-founded by Matt Nies and Rick Kallien, Pixelbox has taken their vision for the future of digital media and made it a reality. Pixelbox’s award winning team of media artisans includes video producers, writers, music composers, graphic designers, animators, audio engineers, videographers and many more.


Pixelbox Visual Design is your one stop shop when it comes to:

  • Corporate Video
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Radio Commercial Production
  • Music Composition
  • Voice Over Recordings
  • Training Videos
  • Infographic Animation
  • Documentaries
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Tradeshow Videos
  • Training Videos

Our 8-step process from initial video concept to digital delivery using the latest video production, audio production and animation tools includes:

  • Discovery – Getting to know your business
  • Treatment – Creating a vision
  • Script – Forging the road map
  • Pre-Production – Making plans
  • Production – Capturing, creating images and recording audio
  • Post-Production – Animating, audio mixing and video editing
  • Approval – You give the final thumbs-up
  • Distribution – We help get your message out

We work with advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, documentary producers, independent producers, retailers and hopefully you to create in-depth visual communications that get noticed.

To start a conversation about your next video production, contact Matt Nies.




Location Scouting



Studio Audio



2D Cell Animation
2D Motion Graphics
3D Animation



Field Recording
Studio Recording
Audio for Video Post
5.1 Surround Mixing



BIG R_Fathers Day

BIG R_Where Families Come First

NAMI Waukesha

Hal Leonard Guitar Instructor Promo

MAH 2015 CIV Outbreak

Food and Beverage_WEDC


TWN_Caring for a Loved One



Kohl’s Testimonials

Wisconsin Firewood – Gus Gnorski

Without Blue




Local First Food Fright

Ooh La La… accessories

Chula Vista Resorts

Colder’s Furniture Stores

Western Technical College

TV Spots

Advance Thermal Corporation

KOHL’S Department Stores

Wisconsin Firewood/Melvin Mulch

International Construction Products




Milwaukee Video Production Meets Milwaukee Beer Production

Milwaukee Video Production Meets Milwaukee Beer Production

Video Storytelling – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Battles Craft Beer Growth

Besides cheese, what is Milwaukee, Wisconsin known for? Beer.
Most Wisconsinites would know this answer. However, regulations from the age of prohibition are keeping craft breweries from expanding in Milwaukee and a state known for beer – Wisconsin. I remember when we first moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My wife and I were amazed that you could attend a festival and walk around with open beer. The places we lived in the past would rope off the areas where we were supposed stay in order to partake in that frothy beverage of hops and barley. Milwaukee, Wisconsin seemed a place where the brats, cheese and beer flowed freely. That is, up until the advent of craft breweries.


Video Producer Needed

Video Producer Needed

Why should you hire a video producer?

Or in other words, why should you hire me – a video producer with over 25 years of experience? Similar to another blog I wrote about DIY Video vs. Professional Video Production, there is good reason to hire a professional when homemade is not good enough.

I have produced thousands of videos since starting in the industry years ago. I began shooting, editing and creating graphics back when MTV was getting its footing in our culture. In fact, that whole handheld, erratic style of documentary shooting and editing started with my generation. It’s interesting to see the style come back as if it’s new again. Although with the advent of vlogging supertstars like Casey Neistat, the styles of today have taken that MTV handheld style to a whole new level. The tools are readily accessible to anyone, but not everyone has the knowledge to create a professional video. Most projects are not served well by the DIY mentality. There’s a good reason to use a pro.

Video Production Meets Ad Agency Collaboration

Video Production Meets Ad Agency Collaboration

Successful Advertising Takes a Comprehensive Team

In today’s world, where Super Bowl ads are just as popular as “the big game” or YouTube product demonstrations supplement or take the place of in-box instructions, video production is becoming instrumental in the advertising world. But with all the demands, sizes and specialties of ad agencies, they may not have the capabilities or time to keep up with client video production needs and may need to outsource.

3D Animation – Beyond Movies for Business Video Production

3D Animation – Beyond Movies for Business Video Production

3D Animation: Reaches Beyond Movies Into Today’s Products and Services

Do you remember watching Disney Pixar’s Toy Story for the first time and being wowed by how the characters seemed to jump off the screen? Or what about the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Or Shrek? So did cinematographers and animators alike. Animation has transformed over time from 2D (hand-drawn by illustrators since the 1800s) to 3D (fully computer-generated) in fairly recent time, but this animation style is not just for movies. 3D animation is now more accessible to everyone for catching the eye of customers and consumers.

Music Composition: Capturing Your Audience

Music Composition: Capturing Your Audience

Capture the Heart of Your Customers

Whether you watched the original Star Wars movie in the theater or have seen it again new this last December, John Williams musical score instantly connects the listener with a faraway place in a distant galaxy in Star Wars.

Three Essential Skills for Corporate Animation Videos

Three Essential Skills for Corporate Animation Videos

Starting An Animation Video Requires the right skills

When you’re faced with transforming a basic presentation into one that is eye catching and engaging, look for these three traits found in successful, Milwaukee animation graphic production studios. Companies need three essential skills in hiring a firm to produce corporate animation videos. The three key skills are:

Creating Engaging Corporate Videos

Creating Engaging Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Supports Rebranding Effort

Runzheimer hired Pixelbox to develop a professional corporate video side to enhance their revitalized brand. Runzheimer had been using online video tools to create their videos, but decided they needed to take their video design and production to the next level to match the look of their new online branding strategy. Click to see their latest videos:

Innovative 360 Degree Promotional Video Production

Innovative 360 Degree Promotional Video Production

Watch Corn Grow in Virtual Reality

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board hired Morgan Myers to develop a year-long social media campaign to promote the importance of corn in our economy. The goal is to showcase farmers are experts in preparing, nurturing, and growing corn throughout Illinois. Farmers are using high-end technology to precisely plant, feed and apply fertilizer. […]

“Where’s the Beef?” – Producing Memorable TV Commercials

“Where’s the Beef?” – Producing Memorable TV Commercials

Every national or local retailer desires to have a memorable TV commercial or TV ad that people will remember. Who can forget the iconic TV ads produced by Wendy’s in 1984 called “Where’s the Beef?” What’s more, the memorable TV ads led the start of a business turn-around, which led to 16 years of consecutive business growth. Wow! […]

Pixelbox: The Cure for a Boring Presentation

Pixelbox: The Cure for a Boring Presentation

Sadly, most business people have sat through a boring presentation where “words blend into more words”. If you look around during the meeting, likely you’ll see people doodling, yawning or even sleeping. Pixelbox works with businesses to create energizing, creative and active presentations through Animated Infographic Videos and 2D/3D Animated Videos. […]

A Milwaukee Video Production Company and the Dog Flu

A Milwaukee Video Production Company and the Dog Flu

Dogs can get the flu.

Yes, canine influenza is a real problem. Last spring, an outbreak in Chicago created a huge problem for pet owners, veterinarians and animal emergency care centers. They were inundated with a strain of the dog flu new to North America, Canine Influenza Virus H3N2. […]

Music Stimulates Brain Recall

Music Stimulates Brain Recall

Music reaches parts of the brain that cannot be reached via any other route.  It magically locates the intersections of learning and emotion, psychology and memory.  When you combine those…you have an extraordinarily powerful tool.  A jingle bridges the left brain—right brain. […]





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Pixelbox supports these organizations caring for people locally, nationally and worldwide.


Hope Center of Waukesha

The Hope Center focuses on preventing homelessness. Hope Center has been helping local families with their basic needs of financial aid, food, clothing, and furniture for almost twenty-eight years, free of charge. To volunteer or contribute go to hopecenterwi.org.

Urban Harvest – The Austin Stone Institute

The Institute trains leaders to go into the mission field. Pixelbox supports one family training to serve in the urban northeast. Go to austinstoneinstitute.org for more information.

Navigators – Twin Cities

The Navigators minister in over 100 countries around the world with the military, college students, businessmen and women in every line of work, among homemakers, ethnic groups and international students–wherever there are people who need Christ. Learn more at Navigators.org

NAMI Waukesha

Since 1982, NAMI Waukesha has worked to improve the understanding of mental health conditions and share the hope of recovery by offering information, support, education and advocacy services. We strive to enlighten the public with the goal of erasing the stigma, guilt, shame, fear, ignorance and discrimination that negatively impacts the lives of people affected by mental health conditions. Learn more at NAMI.org